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Some applicants may be required to take an entrance examination before a final decision on admission can be made. Those students who are selected by the Institute, using prescribed rules and procedures, to proceed on any Institutional Exchange Programme will also be governed by this clause for the transfer of academic credits, waiver, etc.

Computational Methods for Electric Field. However, applicants who have obtained a diploma or higher qualification are not eligible to apply. EMI properties of passive components.

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Please attach a photocopy of the above test score to the application. Official test score sent directly from ETS is not required in the first instance. Please note that we are unable to return overseas calls. There is no age limit for international students. You must arrive 1 hour before the test to register and pay the test fee.

Case studies in process control.

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Upon successful on-line submission, supporting documents have to be sent by post to reach NTU Office of Admissions not more than 1 week after the closing date. Concept of Power Quality. We accept application only in hardcopy. Any application for waiver of credits at IIT Kanpur or transfer of credits from the other institution shall be decided in accordance with the procedure given below.

Power Diodes and Thyristors. Tuition grant TG is offered by the Singapore Government to all our 3 years full-time international students. Against each requirement for which a waiver is granted, a W would appear on the transcript with an explanatory note that W stands for waiver for work done at the Institution concerned.

The fees must be settled within the deadline as stipulated in the bill. There are two intakes: Application fee is non-refundable. Under no conditions, the grades earned at any other institution shall appear on the Grade Report.

Those students who are selected by the Institute using a Senate-prescribed procedure to proceed on any institutional exchange programme, except for the students going under the DAAD fellowship programme, will also have to go through the procedure and rules for the transfer of credits as outlined in paras viviiviii and ix above.

October - Application period is from 1 March to 15 April Every year, fees are reviewed and subject to revision. We accept application only in hardcopy. Applications are to be completed and submitted electronically via our website at: The DUGC shall examine the student's proposal to determine whether the proposed programme is of a nature that the student will benefit from the exposure.

Please note that calculator is NOT allowed. Linear, dynamic and integer programming. Permission to proceed to an institution as a non-degree student does not imply that the student will automatically get any waiver from the academic requirements of IIT Kanpur.

You must arrive 1 hour before the test to register and pay the test fee. The minimum residence requirement for the students who avail of this provision will remain unchanged for PhD students but may be reduced by one semester for M. Permission for a duration upto 30 days be sanctioned by the department with an intimation to SPGC and more than 30 days by the Chairperson- SPGC on the recommendation of the Department.

Upon successful submission of the on-line application form, take note of the application number assigned to you and print a copy of the Checklist.

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DSP Architectures and applications. This depends on the type pf your high school qualification. Candidates who did not complete their interview on that day may be required to turn up the following day at 9. EE Power Electronic Converters: Eligibility Completion of credits of course work, CPI of at least 7.

Concept of Power Quality. Our office hours are from 9 am to 5. The semester s spent as a non-degree student will be counted for the purpose of evaluating academic performance Clause 7 of the UG manual.

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Generation and Transmission Planning. Control and Protection of Devices. The School of Computer and Communication Sciences provides internship opportunities in the Summer period for students enrolled in BSc, BTech, MSc, MTech, or equivalent programmes in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, or Electrical Engineering.

Singapore. Introduction. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has a distinguished lineage with roots that go back towhen Nanyang University (Nantah), the first Chinese-language university in Southeast Asia, was set up with donations from people of all walks of life, from Singapore and the region.

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Coursework Programmes For programmes indicated with ^, an annual 3% increase of their tuition fee will apply for rest of the programme for students admitted in AY and before.

Application open for NTU Coursework Programmes - August intake Online application is opened for the programmes listed below for admission in August Applications are to be submitted electronically only via our web page.

Nanyang Technological University will be awarding a number of ASEAN Graduate Scholarships [hereafter, ASGS] in academic year to finance outstanding candidates who are nationals (citizens or permanent residents) of member countries of ASEAN*(except Singapore) to pursue a designated full-time Masters degree programme by coursework at the University.

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute has announced its programmes for the year It's a reminder call as the deadline is approaching.

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