Qcf 387a

Perform street cleansing mechanically Unit Reference Number: Clean food areas Unit Reference Number: Clean,maintain and protect semi hard floors and hard floors Unit Reference Number: Work with others and follow reporting procedures in a cleaning environment Unit Reference Number: Clean and maintain internal surfaces and areas Unit Reference Number: Clean high risk areas Unit Reference Number: Clean confined spaces Unit Reference Number: Perform street cleanising manually Unit Reference Number: Work Safely at heights Scheduled Dates Available Sorry, there are currently no places available on the scheduled dates for this course.

Communicate effectively in the workplace Unit Reference Number: Deal with non-routine waste Unit Reference Number: Clean and maintain soft floors and furnishings Unit Reference Number: Develop yourself in the job role Unit Reference Number: Clean glazed surfaces and facades Unit Reference Number: Deal with routine waste Unit Reference Number: It has been designed to provide accreditation to those who are able to demonstrate competence against the occupational standards defined for Cleaning and Support Services at this level.

Deep clean equipment and surfaces Unit Reference Number: Please click here to make an enquiry and provide as much detail as you can about your requirements. Clean and maintain external surfaces and areas Unit Reference Number: Carry out maintenance and minor repairs Unit Reference Number: This qualification will benefit specialist cleaners, those looking to formalise their knowledge and understanding as part of continuing professional development and those who undertake cleaning tasks as one aspect of their job role.

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QCF Preparing and Operating Compact Cranes to Lift and Transfer Loads in the Workplace Q1 What are the procedures for reporting and rectifying wrong information or wrong resources (LO 1.

Qcf 387a
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