Demographic segmentation of airasia

Concerning the depth of the product, it could an international flight or a domestic flight within the Asian region.

Also, female travellers can taste quality food and snacks and change diapers of their babies without any distraction in this area. AirAsia believes in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept and feels that keeping costs low requires high efficiency in every part of the business.

The key objective of low cost carriers is to increase their reach and provide the services to a large segment. It is mostly based on the social status or the average budget of the customers. Introduction of the product Name of the company: I chose to make the comparison between these two companies for diverse reasons.

In order to respond to their increasing needs, we have designed a special area fully dedicated to female travellers, which includes a female restroom, sleeping room and powder room.

It could also be categories like students who have not a lot of money. The core product is well-defined but the company is still making improvements particularly on the facilitating services such as on flight services.


InEasyJet carried approximately 43 million passengers and is the second-largest low-cost carrier in Europe. So nowadays, EasyJet is one of the major actors of the airline industry in Europe and one of the most famous low-cost airline companies.

Besides, the meals could be booked at the same time of ticket by internet. Following an earlier initiative by the U. In addition, the number of customers is supposed to increase and it is the case for the market of AirAsia with a number of sales which is booming.

The other subsidiary is Indonesia Air Asia. In this purpose, the image of the brand focuses on two main objectives. CRM is a tactical approach that enables company to generate long term profit from the sustainable customer relationship. I would say that the width of the product is really restricted to flights tickets.

All the publicity actions are focused on a brand and corporate message. Innew routes were introduced which included destinations in India and China. They build a slogan around the asset of their core product: Airport officials have analyzed that, while normal lanes process to people per hour, female-only lanes can process 20 more people per hour.

However, if AirAsia was to reduce this to just two to three different types of aircraft it would lead to a drastic drop in cost, as economies of scale comes into effect when they buy and maintain the same type of aircraft Staff cost also reduce, as they only need to know how to handle a few types of aircraft, this leads to training time being reduced and eventually reducing operational cost.

CRM is the performance measurement system that implement under cross functional integration of the processes, workers, marketing data and operation in the company. Concerning the seat, they also created the innovative Empty Seat Option.

Security wait times at many airports in the U. It will begin to make rival product or service into problem. As the market still growing, revenues can be expected to increase. U sing Kathmandu as a destination that the consumer is dreaming about.

AIRASIA BERHAD AIRASIA BERHAD MARKETING PLAN MARKETING PLAN Contents 39roduc9io3 Demographic Segmentation Age a3d Life Cycle - years ·Budge9 Travel ·S9udies - years Documents Similar To AIRASIA PROJECT PRESENTATION.

Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. Air Asia 5 Porter's Forces. uploaded by.4/4(2). AirAsia target market segment consist of three different but overlapping segments that were segmented according to Geographic Segmentation, Demographic Segmentation and Psychographic Segmentation.

AirAsia is targets mainly the Asian market, hence the name AirAsia. AirAsia target market segment consist of three different but overlapping segments that were segmented according to Geographic Segmentation, Demographic Segmentation and Psychographic Segmentation.


AirAsia is. Air asia marketing strategies. 25 SEGMENTATION, TARGETING AND POSITIONING ANALYSIS Market Segmentation AirAsia may use segment bases such as demographics, socio-cultural, user-related, user-situation and benefits-sought segmentation to segment their market, as indicated in Table 1. Demographic Segmentation Attracts travelling passengers in the lower to middle income group.

Geographic segmentation The core markets of AirAsia are Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Market Segmentation Market Segmentation Behavioral and psychographic segmentation First-time flyers Fare-conscious leisure and business travelers.

Air Asia Marketing Essay

AirAsia X, Malaysia Airlines This is not the first time an airline has adopted a ban on children in a part of its cabin. In Februaryrival long-haul low-cost carrier AirAsia X introduced a ‘Quiet Zone’ on its A aircraft, where Economy passengers can travel without being disturbed by kids or .

Demographic segmentation of airasia
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